Is every Liberal implanted into our still saturated military, government agencies trying to attack Trump

marcwinger-com_1113161000Leftist desperation to stop the inauguration of The Donald as president seems to be reaching a fever pitch.  Air-headed celebrities are still screaming at the top of their lungs that Trump should not be allowed to ascend to the White House, publicly saying there should be no peaceful transition of power.  Children anarchists & Libs from the far Left to the center Left are blithering there should be no peaceful transfer.  Liberals in government are doing everything they can to fabricate false flags, shocking fantasies & every other sort of lie in order to de-legitimize the President Elect.

Of course, nothing is going to stop the process.  We The People, who elected Trump aren’t going away & Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as President of The United States of America.

Why people would put their future prospects in jeopardy is beyond me.  But, people on the Socialist-oriented Left; whether they be Democrats, Progressives, properly named Socialists or whoever – are cartwheeling in place & spewing out all their ammunition.  Everything they have to fire off, is being shot out.  There’s so much fire happening that there isn’t even a reason to oppose or argue with it.  In & of itself, it’s just unstable, insane & strange.  It’s all as if there is no tomorrow & Leftist’ reputations don’t matter in the long run.  As if, there’s no need for them to find a place to be after all is said & done.

We The People; Conservatives in America who insist that conservatism return to our shores along with our allies & the rest of the political spectrum & the public; brought Mr. Trump to this state of ascendancy because of his agenda.  It’s his agenda which is everything & our trust in him to fulfill the promises that we know he will indeed keep. 

He won, we won, America won.  America’s enemies within, those that have apologized for our country, done everything in their power to reduce the power of America – lost.  Obama lost, Hillary lost, the Democratic Party lost.

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