Updated: Thanks to fake news site CNN the White House press briefings to be moved out of the Executive Mansion

Updated 18JAN17 1055hrs MST.

It’s not really speculation to say that since the ridiculous scrum involving a rude CNN reporter during Trump’s first news conference after the presidential election, that a decision is being made to move the briefings across the street to the Old Executive Office Building, which is an extension of the White House compound.

President-elect Donald Trump’s team is considering moving the press briefing room out of the White House West Wing, according to incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus.

When asked about an Esquire magazine report that the incoming Trump administration plans to move the press room out of the White House’s West Wing to the Old Executive Office Building next door, Priebus told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week”, “The one thing that we discussed was whether or not we want to do conferences in the [Executive Office Building].”

“Which, by the way, is the White House,” Priebus added. “So no one is moving out of the White House. That is the White House, where you can fit four times the amount of people in the press conference, allowing more press, more press coverage from all over the country to have those press conferences. That’s what we’re talking about.”

The news of a possible change in venue for White House press corps briefings comes after a very contentious first press conference by the president-elect last week.

“I know some of the folks in the press are uptight about this and I understand,” Priebus said on “This Week.” “The only thing that’s been discussed is whether or not the initial press conferences are going to be in that small press room. For the people listening to this that don’t know this, the press room that people see on TV is very, very tiny — 49 people fit in that press room.”…

Bloggers & others need to be included in the briefing audience & since the Liberal-Biased Mainstream Media is no longer the only game in town, moving the whole thing to a larger venue will be a good idea.  Basically, the MSM isn’t going to have any choice in the matter. 
>>>UPDATE:  White House Press pool remaining in the White House proper, but Trump will decide who is who & what is where.

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