After the inauguration of The Donald

marcwinger-com_0111171126When all is said & done, our candidate ensconced in the presidency proper, rather than affecting world events & changing the job climate for the better even before his ascendancy, I do believe all the noise on the Left will settle into a monotonous drone.  With twenty something’s parroting their supervisors & funders, a la Soros, Pelosi or feckless Schumer.  Blocking traffic & thinking that by doing so they’re warming the hearts of the electorate & converting the non-political to their false narratives & untruths.  The celebs who rule those in the class above them spinning out fantastical yarns & useless solutions to the new national order & the Democrats desperately trying to be relevant in a powerless state.

They will be okay.  They’ll be benefiting with the rest of us in an America which will truly be moving forward, not in a vague catchphrase fashion, but in a real world where the economy is actually promoted by a strong president who’s not obsessed with reducing America’s power on all fronts.  However; Leftist social experiments, promotion of socialism will no longer be allowed to harm the country.  Social evolution in a stable nation is & should always be slow.  After the major inequities have been addressed.  That’s already been accomplished & people within their social context will continue to change.  For the better & not change for change’s sake.

Slow & easily does it, unless you want to lose it all.

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