Donald Trump is his own man not a puppet like Obama

marcwinger-com_0118171453It’s time to shut up & let the man ascend to power, speak his mind at the inauguration & do what he’s good at; delegating, fighting back & administering.

I think people are addicted to saying, “what the president should/need do”.  That was okay with Obama, the Democrats pulled his strings for eight years.  He was elected just because he is black & promised every liberal, everything under the sun.  Trump isn’t Obama.  Thank heavens.  Trump is going to do & say whatever he pleases.  Which is why We The People voted for him & his agenda.  He will do what he promised or We The People won’t support a second term.  We’ll find someone else to win.  Trump will do it.  He’s that kind of guy.  Everything’s going to be fine because we all prosper when we have a strong president who isn’t going to nation build or apologize & demean the country.

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