That which now resides in the White House

marcwinger-com_1115160300There are those that are now making comparisons of the former & new First Lady of the United States.  Furthering Liberal Koolaid myths about Michelle Obama.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It is a kindness & cliché, unrelated to reality.  There are actual standards of beauty & graciousness.  Moochelle Obama had neither.  Nor her husband.  Descriptions of them both as being elegant; she, because someone dressed her up (without sleeves usually) in a, silk purse out of a sow’s ear, ensemble for occasions after someone straightened her hair, probably with an industrial iron.  He, only because he was thin, on occasion.  Ridiculous fictions vomited out by the now-defanged Liberal biased mainstream media.  No one but their acolytes were fooled.  He attracted flies on more than a few occasions & she  squished up her face in comical expressions, problematic on such a plain of face mug.  There was no graciousness to her attitude when she specifically expressed pride, only because blacks were in the White House.  No concept was ever forthcoming from either of them of national pride, pride of tradition or the grace one usually assumes when residing in a great place.  Neither of them brought style, elegance or grace into the White House.  Very much to the contrary, on all points.  Which I won’t delineate.

It is a new day.  We have a man that understands the pride of place, has himself learned sophistication because of his great wealth.  He’ll do well. He’s actually an American.  Not just a citizen, ready to rip everything apart because he thinks the country has been unfair; the most un-American president that has ever held office or will ever hold it again. Because the country did indeed learn its lesson & even the Democrats, who from the beginning made it clear he was given the keys to power with caveat & probation.  All of which he violated.  He failed their party.  Though our liberal-biased press has made sure to only showcase the Obamas’ supporters & all their faux positive issues of so-called social justice.  Make no mistake about it, the Democratic Party leadership learned to despise him.  There were even some parting shots by them, at the Obamas that the press couldn’t ignore.

We have a woman as first lady who is awestruck, scared & grateful for her ascendancy to a new station.  You can see it in her demeanor.  She’s scared which is a good sign.  She’s not ready to punch people out, like a militant race-obsessed Moochelle, right from the beginning.  Hysterical radicals, unable to be anything but the pond scum that they are at heart.  In contract, Melania is proud, beautiful by all standards & elegant i n reality.

Trump’s Inaugural Speech was perfect.  His gist that power needs to be returned to the People is magnificent.  It’s what we’ve waited for, for years. Trump’s agenda aligns with the Founders of our Republic.

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