China is obviously upset that America is led by a strong leader instead of the weakling who now is gone

marcwinger-com_0111171126Get ready for a few confrontations with China, which doesn’t understand the basics in international relations.

Currency manipulator & authoritarian Communist China has a population problem, I get it.  They need to feed their people & part of their plan is to confiscate the South China Sea.  Which is international territory in which lie shipping lanes transporting massive wealth & trade as well as being in the middle of several other countries who rely on its bounty to feed themselves.

China, acting like a juvenile with first precious thoughts, has decided to publicly deploy ICBM’s to an area where they think the bombs can strike targets in the US.  A display of 3rd rate power that is meant to “force” America to respect China & its confiscations after President Trump has indicated & said that America will defend international territory from being co-opted by other countries.

The fact & reality remains that America is the sole superpower on the planet & the China a not our peer.  They’ve barely had their own industrial revolution after being isolated & insular for centuries.  Because they’re ethnocentric.  Everything in their world revolves around themselves & nothing outside their borders has been a concern, in their mindset.  They’re just emerging into the modern world & don’t understand the proprieties & rules we all live by, to co-exist with each other.  They also do not realize that it is not they, but America that maintains world order.

The Chinese think they can force issues.  They can’t.  In the past few years the Pentagon, under a former & weak US President, has sent Naval vessels through the South China Sea in order to keep the sea lanes open & demonstrate that lawful transit through the region is to be maintained.  Of course, China pushed back with petty confrontations.  I seriously doubt they’ll dare to confront a strong US President.  They do not rival the US.  They hold no cards.  Their attempts at building artificial islands in shallow areas of the South China Sea are pathetic.

One notes, the US has successfully, every year, tested its ICBM’s.  All the way to the Mariana Islands, a US Territory.  One notes, that it would only take a phrase to collapse China into itself once again.  What would that phrase be?  Trade war.  We don’t have to buy what they’re selling.

China doesn’t have to be submissive, but it will have to understand that America maintains world order.  At the point of a sword, if necessary.

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