People that are unlikely to vote protest outside Dem crybaby Senator Schumer’s apartment

Apparently; loads of people in the thousands, protesters are upset that Chuck Schumer voted yes on at least three of Trump’s cabinet picks as of Tuesday, 31JAN17.  According to these people, Senator Schumer shouldn’t be voting yes at all.  Leftists all, opposing literally everything the Republicans can & wish to do, despite the Democratic Party’s complete defeat  in the general election.

Thousands of angry demonstrators gathered outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s luxury Brooklyn apartment building — holding up signs and chanting “What the f–k, Chuck?!” — to protest his lukewarm stance on President Trump’s cabinet picks.
“Senator Schumer needs to know we’re watching him,” fumed Brad Wolchansky, a 40-year-old soccer coach from Flatbush who was carrying a cardboard cut-out of a giant eye on Tuesday night.
“He works for us. We need him to be bold. We need him to stand up to Trump and oppose his picks,” Wolchansky said.
He and roughly 3,000 others gathered at Grand Army Plaza at around 6 p.m. before eventually making their way over to Schumer’s building at 9 Prospect Park West, between Carroll and President streets.
As they marched, the anti-Trump demonstrators waved signs saying “Resist Trump” and “Show Some Spine Schumer” — while also chanting things like “stay strong Chuck” and “shut it down, shut it down, New York is an immigrant town.”
The group is ultimately up in arms over what they refer to as Schumer’s “centrist” beliefs and willingness to play ball with the president.
While Schumer did say Monday that he would oppose at least eight of Trump’s cabinet nominees, he has already voted “Yes” on three of his picks: General James Mattis for the Department of Defense, General John Kelly for the Department of Homeland Security, and Mike Pompeo for the CIA.
“He’s talking the talk on social media, but is he walking the walk?” said Cambra Moniz-Edwards, 35, of Brooklyn. “What the f–k, Chuck?!”

This is the state of things, right now.  Pathetic Democrat politicians caught between those who have power over everything & the civilians on the Left who only have old talking points, false narratives, violent tendencies, celebrities who aren’t the sharpest sticks in the fence & a liberal-biased mainstream media which is denial that they’re no longer the only game in town & that they’ve been eclipses & called out for being hacks & subservient to the Democratic Party.

All in all, it’s a good time.  A time for reflection.  A time to gloat & to look forward to the constant suffering ahead for the Left’s spectrum of clowns.

I’ve tried to tell a few of them not to overreact & that things will sort themselves out to the benefit of all.  They don’t listen.

If you’re wondering why I called Schumer a crybaby, it’s because he teared up a few days ago when speaking about Trump’s recent immigration hold.  You know, the thing that helps our immigration services & agencies protect the country by spiffing up their vetting procedures.

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