Stream of consciousness: Nazis & Anarchists rise to the occasion thanks to the Leftists

1115122124mw_bAs a Conservative & Patriotic American, I’ve found it important to identify enemies within.  The Wednesday evening riots in Berkeley CA over an intended presentation by Breitbart’s Milo Yiannoupoulos offered a disturbing scenario.

The Left has already damaged the meaning of racism in US society.  I don’t know anyone that cares anymore about the identification whether real or fiction.  …& since I’ve noticed actual white supremacists attempt to insert themselves in dialogues & social media on the Right, including the unaffiliated who really don’t like Jews, who blame Jews for the ills of the world & are unable to make the distinction between US Liberal Jews & Israelis – I’m expecting an actual rise in what has been a perpetually small fringe that’s never been affiliated with the Republicans & Conservatives.  Isn’t that wonderful!  One spots them initially for their frequent use of the red cross of the crusades & various crusader imagery.  But they also can be identified with their tweets or comments.  They’re as bad & guaranteed to be as violent or more than the aggressive Progressives & Anarchists.  This time the Left’s stupidity is having a result that they’ve not foreseen.  A twist also ensues as Anarchists & White Supremacists often coordinate.  Blacklivesmatter BS artists don’t participate in things like Wednesday evening’s Berkeley bash, for good reason.  We all know there are certainly enough blacks in the area.  The best place to hide is in plain sight & the Left’s big deal now is to call everyone on the Right, half of America, Nazis.

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