The US Left can’t be patriotic because there is no pride of place & nation

usflag_0203130101mwAfter Sunday night’s Patriots’ Superbowl win, I immediately used my public Twitter account, different that this site’s official portal to the world of Tweets, to express my feelings to USA Today & a few other sites about the successful dispatch of their politicizing the Superbowl in the first place.  I was saying, Suck it Libs, along with further & lengthier messages delineating the fact that since the Leftie’s had decided to make it about politics, they had indeed lost & America had won – again.

There really is a time & a place for everything.  Granted; that sometimes I do infuse politics way too often into everything imaginable; but, I do recognize that there are some things that are beyond &/or separate from our national dialogues about the Left’s insistence that no one can do better than anyone else.  The Left had decided to insert their bile because the New England Patriots’ owner & his quarterback Brady are friends with the President of the United States.  Therefore; it had to be about race, politics & the rest of their stupidities.  Not to mention that there was a mandatory expectation that the game’s half time entertainment Lady Gaga make some sort of political spectacle, which she didn’t.  Obviously, she didn’t want to lose a penny, lose a fan.

What I won’t say is, that it was painful for me to stick it to the Libs.  People who apologize needlessly for the country that shelter’s them, people who attack the country at every opportunity possible; are reprehensible.  So, when I hear the self-loathing Left spew out their bile over every little & big thing; I have a reaction!  Personally, I wish that there wasn’t this extra added blood pressure inducing thing didn’t exist in my life.  But I’m happy to oblige self-righteous hypocrites who think it’s their duty to destroy a stable republic & denounce a brilliant Constitution.  Who think it’s okay to alter & experiment with something that, while being far from perfect, is better than any other country on Earth.

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