Getting to know you, getting to know all about you

marcwinger-com_1113161318As the weeks tick by, I’m noticing that Trump, like many Americans compartmentalizes his days.  Work, work, work, then it’s the weekend:  where entertainment & relaxation is paramount.  A nice change from the previous Chief Executive, who loved to yammer on & on about politics 24/7.  Vomiting out his social justice agenda at every turn, while attempting to appear athletic, while wearing pleated pants.

It’s not as if things are not achieved during a president’s weekend.  Schmoozing with visiting heads of state,  attending to details of his office & whatever secret things that need doing.  We all do the same, in essence.  Tend to our homes, network with friends & family, entertain guests, range out for supplies or private adventures.

It’s nice to know & more pleasant to contemplate President Trump rather than the awkward & low brow ex-president who’s been soundly rejected, per his decision to campaign for a Democrat candidate who lost, terribly; & who now has, I hear, hired the former corrupt Democratic candidate’s agent for book deals & such.  Which I would think would be problematic since it’s only a matter of time before Leftists finally pull their heads of the sand & muse on exactly how much power they lost in the 8 years of the radical’s tenure.

It’s very difficult not to gloat.  (Smiley face)

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