Updated: CPAC has canceled him I’m neutral on Milo Yiannopoulous pedophilia stance – for now

marcwinger-com_1115160300Milo Yiannopoulos has made comments about pedophilia, it’s been revealed this past weekend, that are rubbing people the wrong way.

Yiannopoulos has a problem & a running scorecard, which is part of his personality type since it varies. He’s brilliant, he was a welcome voice during the 2016 election season, but he purposely ratchets up the flamboyance [a shrink would say that’s a sign of insecurity], he defends accusations by revealing the united nations team in his bed [TMO & nauseating to more than a few], he’s a juvenile early 30s person & he has a penchant for verbal diarrhea.

It’s this verbal thing, a continuous conversation with the public that so many fall victim. Romney stabbed himself to his own detriment, fatally. Bush Jr. was a total mess of not shutting his trap. So many examples. I’m cutting Milo some slack, because he’s brilliant & doesn’t need another little voice slicing through him at this time, especially when our rancid/rabid liberals seem to be enjoying the prospect of a scandal. This is Milo’s problem, he can figure it out, or not. However; it’s worth noting that a gay who thinks it’s a good idea to be moderate or socially liberal on the topic in question, makes a big mistake if they think to continue within the mainstream on the Right.

I’m not a fan of the overly effeminate, but I try to be fair. I always think it’s important to have patience with youth, because they’re still learning. None of us need the “ew factor” right now & there will always be a bigot around every corner waiting for a mistake, when it comes to gays. Milo need not explain it all away that he’s being attacked by Establishment bozos or “conservatives that have it in for him”. As I said, it’s his problem. He’s not an institution that requires saving. He’s still learning. Someone that does well at being clear & delineating what is, isn’t necessarily someone that has an original thought to his name.

Watch & wait.

Update:  Evidently, Brietbart will make a business decision by end Presidents’ Day [Monday] on whether to terminate Milo’s employment.  Milo’s book is also now canceled.

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