Voter fraud proof? No one has to prove common knowledge

marcwinger-com_0118171453One of President Trump’s periodic complaints is voter fraud.  In response to Leftists who seem to be proud that their candidate won the popular vote in big Liberal states last year, as if that gives them a claim on the presidency or somehow makes President Trump’s presidency illegitimate.

Pragmatically; since the Left claims large scale voter suppression caused by the commonsense requirement of a photo ID & can not & does not prove their theory – conversely, it’s not required of the Right to prove that because something can be done [voter fraud], it is indeed, done.  All this aside, voting does need to be secured by identification in every state & what is documented, in many places for all to see, is the record [images, video, written plans by Leftie activists] busloads of unverified people [California, New Hampshire, New York, etc.], not needing identification, barely speaking English – who vote.

Note: I do not need to source that which is public knowledge & in the public sphere.  Pretending that criminal activity is non-existent, doesn’t change reality.  I know this is a difficult thing for people on the Left to understand; nevertheless, it is so.  Trump uses rhetoric, but it is backed up & the silly habit by the Left who now demand proof of “what is”, seemingly out of frustration that the Right uses facts, proof, commonsense & decency to make their various cases elsewhere – is irrelevant.

Note: It’s also common knowledge that voter fraud is & has always been a tool of the Democratic Party, especially in Illinois.

When some people dare to say that there is no voter fraud, I want to become violent, but check & remind myself that violence is also a notoriously famous tool of Socialists, Commies & Leftists of every rancid flavor.  Force helps them accomplish the ideology that no one can & should do better than anyone else & the individual is nothing, whereas the collective is everything.  Instead; those on the Right keep lists.

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