Stream of consciousness: Waste of time communicating with some people

marcwinger-com_0223171419Borne out of frustration at people who go over & over things again & again, trying to make a point, not understanding anything in particular including their own blithering nonsense.  None of this politically ideological.

Several years ago, I was working with a goober who was in a cubicle across from me. After a couple of years of generous [on my part] banter there had been a cosmological event that happened, can’ t remember what it was now, but we were talking about it & he started talking about the order that god had given the universe.  Still being magnanimous, I kept my cool & suggested we keep science & religion separate so we could continue on.  But he kept on, keeping on.  As it turned out he was convinced that the Earth was flat.  I’d previously heard about these people, but had never encountered one.  It wasn’t ideological or even religion based – this oddness of his.  However; it sort of made any further discussions on anything – worthless.  Last week, on Twitter, I was initially happy to follow someone who was saying all the right things, make America great again, that sort of thing.  I’m always willing to include people in my sphere that are like-minded.  He’d liked one of my tweets so it is my habit to find something to like & indicate it in return.  As I was examining his tweets I noticed something odd.  There were science tweets that seemed a bit off.  Weird references that seemed a little twisted.  As it happened, I looked closer & discovered that he didn’t believe in gravity.  Thought it was a conspiracy to influence or corrupt people.  Quite adamant about it too.  I’m sure a lot of people have run into or seen & read about people like the 9/11 Truthers & their views about the fallen Twin Towers.  That it was a conspiracy by the government to create a reason for war.  They have a whole mythos about it, calculations as to how two giant airliners filled with jet fuel couldn’t have possibly brought down buildings that, while sturdy enough, were basically balanced structures relying on gravity & counter force to keep them up & standing.  Sort of flimsy if you think about it & they would be if a King Kong were bent on making a mess.  My point?  When you find out someone is dense & understand that no matter how you explain something they just don’t get – then it’s worthless interacting any further.

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