Applicable cliche: Leftists, Democrats, Socialists & Progressives do not like opposition

1115122124mw_bLeftists will have you believe that their constant agitation, rioting, protest & “pushback” indicates a Trump presidency that is wrong, inept, evil or any other insulting description you can think of, depending on the day of the week.

I think the time has come to say, there is no reason to govern from the middle anymore.  Obama didn’t & though Trump has tried throwing the Libs bones here & there, they were just rejected.  They knew, from his campaign & his dedication to keeping his promises after the inauguration, exactly what his agenda was, but they’ve feigned surprise & assorted faux indignation.  They’ve cemented this current political stance of insisting all goodness & light emanate from their ideology.  They offer vapid & fragile evidence on any thing they insist on.  

Basically, & I know it sounds cliche, but the Leftists do not like being opposed.  They didn’t mind George W. because he was Establishment Republican & very similar to themselves.  They ate him alive.  Trump fights back & is deconstructing their world, crimes & experiments.  The Left becomes hysterical because the liberal order is threatened & it is they who originate all protest & agitation.  It’s as simple as that.

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