Hold off before judging the replace & repeal of Obamacare

marcwinger-com_1115160300Everytime I hear about something that’s bad or not as expected, regarding Trump, I’ve been proven wrong & it’s been the media that has mischaracterized something.  So, I’m not going to jump on this particular bandwagon that so many nervous Nellies, are hysterically boarding with their hair on fire.

Trump isn’t Obama, taking suggestions of “this is what Obama needs to do” self-righteously spewing out of the peanut gallery.  Also, we al need to remember that the president’s the campaign promise was also to replace.  That was supported or extant among his promises & part of the train that was rolling along.  Any replacement was not going to be my preference because one doesn’t drop a diseased rag into the body after excising the cancer.

All I care, at this point is that the unconstitutional “Tax Mandate” be eliminated.  That is the original abomination.  That was the community organizer’s main crime.  Literally.

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