What do the American Republicans need to do now

marcwinger-com_0118171453The Republican Congress’ healthcare bill failed to pass & now President Trump wishes to move on to other things.  Perhaps taxes.  Other things.

I believe, since the Democrats are an insular abomination playing with their fantasies among themselves, that nothing permanently bad will happen to the country.  Children are ignored when necessary & that’s a good thing.  However; what they represent & the damage they cause in various locales needs watching by half the country that maintains national character.  Which is one of our nation’s cycles. It’s the little damage that adds up that’s important to fight against.  Not the irrelevant “little damage” that they effect; but radical changes.  Diminution.  The decrease in our power in the world.  Continuing the good fight is what we need.

However; ignoring Obamacare & moving on isn’t fighting the good fight.  A president is not a legislator or supposed to even be a guide, except when there’s an obvious turn that needs to be taken.  It’s Ryan that needs to communicate the repeal & send it for ratification by the president.  The damage that Obamacare has done hasn’t even been addressed & now it’s being ignored.

Speaker Ryan needs to step up to the plate for a full repeal of Obamacare & yes, the cancer that was allowed to remain by coward Justice Roberts, remains the successful coup.  The Democrats big ideological, big governmental overreach is still in place.  That means they’re still in charge. That means we’re still waiting for a win.  The Donald & Ryan have yet to perform their most important duty.

Vanquishing Obamacare means vanquishing the Democrats.

Ignore Obamacare & everything will fall apart.  Mark my words.

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