US Leftist thugs think that their gutter speak is intimidating; it’s not

marcwinger-com_0111171126In the past few weeks I’ve had threats to my life from all sorts of drive-by armchair Democrat thugs thinking that their promises of shooting me in the head or by calling me a Nazi actually works as a tactic.  It does not.

It’s well known that Socialists, Progressive Communists & the rest of the Scum on the Left try to use violence to further their unhinged agendas.  The Left is permanently upset that their precious presidential candidate, the corrupt & sickly Hillary Clinton, lost.  In their minds, they believe they still have a chance at some sort of win.  That’s not going to happen.

It’s important to oppose, take note & ignore these Blacklivesmatter racists, Resist or Persist clowns.  We The People protect our country & will not back down as the Left’s crazy, upside down world of fantasy collapses.  Watch your backs, security at all times, protect yourselves & destroy these thugs.

These people need to be identified at all times.  Whether by contacting the authorities or by taking matters into our hands – they need to be collared & detained.

What these thugs don’t understand is that I’m not necessarily, harmless.

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