It was just a punitive strike against a dictator who gassed his people, not the start of a war

marcwinger-com_0118171453Apparently, some people are upset with President Trump for punishing & punitive Tomahawk missile strikes, reportedly 59 in all, against an airbase in Syria as a consequence of the Dictator Assad using chemical weapons against his own people.  If you check the response on Twitter & elsewhere directed towards the president you’ll notice quite a bit of pushback against the action.  These would be people that didn’t vote for Trump, don’t support Trump or they’re foreign agents & nationals putting in their 2 cents on an action that is what it is.  Punishment.

Russia’s opinion on the matter?  Well, that doesn’t matter.  The only reason they’re there is because EX-president Obama was too weak to enforce America’s world order.  He didn’t even punish Assad for the previous chemical attack.  The only thing Russia is worried about is their “new” military seaport on the Mediterranean.

Obviously, if Assad behaves himself there will be no more strikes.  One notes, however; that the strikes hit an airbase that was the same distance from the sea, as Damascus.  That is the message to Assad.

The Trump Administration has stated that the Pentagon watched the planes leave the base with their deadly load & bomb the Syrian people. 

Understand yet?

It’s worth noting that previous to Obama’s feckless foreign policy, it was American policy that if chemical weapons were used around the world by our enemies, the response would involve nuclear bombardment.  So, let’s all take a deep breath & be grateful.  If Assad commits another crime, the Tomahawks will be flying into Damascus

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