President Trump is not involving us in the muddle in Syria

marcwinger-com_0118171453Despite the outrage by many, supposedly on the Right, there is no prelude to boots on the ground or intervention in Syria with the firing of American Tomahawk missiles at an obscure airfield in Syria.

There has always been news that is fake.  Unfortunately for the fabricators, someone, somewhere always blabs.  There has always been those whose agenda is to question what is.  As if to taint reality.  ..& then there are those who believe, initially, permanently everything thing they see  ..& those seeing a pattern in coincidence.

It’s my preference to withhold judgment but not to turn away.  In one of my previous incarnations the rule of thumb was, never assume.  At a certain point, it’ s important to make a decision.  Otherwise, the fecklessness of indecisiveness wins.  Obama was such a weakness.  Yet he’s admired by so many, despite the destructiveness of his indecision.  W. was a “decider” (his word) & he is reviled, the destruction he caused admired by villains.

I am undecided & it is not my place to make a decision.  But I am unconvinced by false flags applied to every serious matter.  Unless there’ s something more than basic target practice on buildings with no occupants.

However; I should point out that to the west of our nation, across the ocean, we annually fire ICBM’s at the Marshall Islands as a demonstration of our power.

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