Uh oh, rambling on about Bruce Jenner’s latest, oops I mean Caitlyn

marcwinger-com_0422170052Apparently; Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn, doing her big melodrama transitioning to his reinvention as a woman – has decided to take on a false narrative that Trump or the Right might threaten the LGBT Community, the Leftists among the Gay Community.  Possibly he means to say that if Trump doesn’t give the gender-confused guidance with military & bathroom issues, that would qualify as a threat & then he would mobilize himself with all his fame & fortune to attack the Republicans.  Of course, someone who’s just mutilated themselves to resemble the opposite sex because they don’t understand the basic reality of their sex at birth & who’s taking daily doses of hormones to complete the illusion; probably has a difficult time making rational decisions.  Especially someone who’s not the best judge of reality in the first place.  Secondly, Bruce/Caitlyn is just odd.  He/she was strange before her big comeback drama about changing her sex.  The obnoxious, hard to watch & listen to, kind of odd.  Bruce was sort of invisible but Caitlyn will become the gift that keeps on giving.

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