North Korea is loving all the attention they’re getting – so did Saddam

marcwinger-com_0313171804The sky-is-falling crowd & the conspiracy fanatics with their re-purposed aluminum colanders are either in a stew or highly energized at this time.  What with the NorKs pretending to be a peer of the world’s sole superpower, aiming their experimental nukes at Seoul & Tokyo.  China is sending troops to their border with their unstable Commie client state to get ready for deluge of NorK civilians, in the event of an actual crisis.  People are going to do, what they’re going to do.  Action, reaction.

Seems to me that everyone is dedicated to seeing everything as a crisis.  China is insisting that things are reaching critical mass in the situation with North Korea.  Even though the whole thing, for decades has moved at a glacial speed.  But, you know China sees everything though the lens of melodrama or not at all.  It’s not as if they understand the United States or the West in general.  Even as Russia has never seemed to quite get the gist of anything Western for almost a century.

Unless otherwise lesson-ed by an actual situation, I will continue to think that big fatty dictator Kim wants to keep his lifestyle intact.  Instead of being buried in a hole by a bunker buster or otherwise vaporized.

I also think that he has an underground bunker under the mausoleum of his crazy ancestors.  Think about it.

It’s too bad Saddam Hussein didn’t have time to write a book about how much he enjoyed the limelight before the bombing started & he ended up in a hole that lead to swinging from a rope in a room full of loud Arabs.

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