Though it’s still early Trump needs to satisfy Conservatives

marcwinger-com_0210171705mwOn Sunday evening’s Bill Cunningham show stated that Trump communicated to him that he has our back.  Which is a worry at the moment because a budget is being passed or approved that funds abortion-loving Planned Parenthood & approves no funds for the southern border wall.  Also, Obamacare hasn’t been repealed yet.

Patience in conservatives is needed.  It’s a difficult thing to coordinate with Congress & Congress whipping up the votes for various things.  Everything’s an emergency, I guess.  We need a win.  We already knew we had SCOTUS, so standing on the coattails of that accomplishment isn’t going to fly.  We need a win & we need the Left to suffer.  Also, since it was a Conservative Agenda that won the White House & retained Congressional majorities, it needs to be made clear to the Establishment GOP they need to comply with actual Constitution loving conservatives. This smarmy center right BS is just as bad as Leftist stupidity.

In the big picture, the lead Conservative radio peeps have received confirmation that Trump is aware of who he owes his win.  Let’s remind the GOP Establishment who they owe their power.  They have their seats & they have their power.  They owe the Conservatives.  So when I hear Susan Collins & gang vomit out their why can’t we all get along & it’s the right of center that is trying to dictate issues, I want to smash them in their deluded little compromised faces.

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