Understanding Trump is a requirement for confidence in his abilities

marcwinger-com_0517171855Today, we are hearing that the Justice Department has appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate the fiction of Russian collusion &/or interference during the 2016 US Presidential Campaign.  I say, it’s a waste of time & a nod to the Democrats who wish to add fiction to bolster fiction.  As it is, it’s best to step back & look at Trump, in order to be at peace with it all.

Trump, as I’ve said before, is a known quantity.  We’ve known him for decades & he lives part of his life in the public eye.  As there is no evidence of anything that is illegal, impeachable or otherwise; natural logic suggests any hysteria only remains outside of President Trump’s sphere; being outside the White House.  We also understand why this hysteria exists.  Half the country despises Trump, to the same degree half the country loathed anti-American former president Obama.  We know human gossips & rumormongers always, always tend to be overly enthusiastic.  So, knowing President Trump as he is, a big boss billionaire eccentric non-politician with a conservative agenda who doesn’t tend to overreact (it’s just a New Yorker affectation), we also should know that he’s not hysterical, in the least.

The reality behind anyone diarizing is that the content always supports the agenda of the person jotting their down their minutiae.  I also diarize out of long standing habit, for self-protection in a world that has sharp edges & monsters.  Anything I write down is supposed to support my position in any theoretical situation in the future.  However; a diary only protects my behind, it doesn’t & isn’t meant to be proof of wrongdoing or otherwise by any other contentious antagonist.

Former FBI Director Comey is full of BS.  He’s basically a classic, disgruntled ex-employee who thought he had it made in the shade.  He also thought he could insult his boss behind his back & that the same leaks wouldn’t include details about his back-stabbing of the President.

He’s not proof of anything & his memo detailing a he-said-she-said conversation between he & the president isn’t proof of anything.  His position as the beloved leader of the FBI is a fiction.  Everyone, everywhere heard what a putz & pompous ass he was considered to be by the rank & file at the FBI – last summer when he interjected himself in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

In short, the US Democrat Media Complex controls & fabricates the agenda on the Left.  Comey is now without rank, there is no actual evidence of wrongdoing by Trump & the only truth out there in leak-land may be that Trump is indeed the eccentric, expect-people-to-be-on-their-toes billionaire ready to react to what he’s in the mood for at any given time.  He has people around him who aren’t used to actually working for him.  They’re not necessarily even left of center right & many of them don’t even qualify as Republicans.  Maybe Trump doesn’t actually care about leaks & maybe he’s the kind of creature I’ve personally met many a time.  Namely, someone that governs by chaos.  They still get things done, they’re not pleasant to work for but they achieve a result.

Another thing; Trump is a penultimate example of a New Yorker.  If you don’ t know any, haven’t had any dealings with them, you’re just not going to understand them or their actions.  It’s a process that involves many ups & downs.

People that support Trump, & he hasn’t lost any of his support base, fall into two categories.  Those that understand his kind & those that support him no matter what, turn a blind eye.  Not that it’s a bad thing to turn a blind eye in this case.

Be at peace, you people on the Right.  Everything is fine.  If you hear Trump say something about the media, you must remember that though he governs through chaos, he’s still a creature of the media.  He’s addicted to TV for godsakes!  It’s just not a big deal.

I continue to favor Trump, trust & support his agenda.  I wouldn’t accept a position or work for Trump.  I’d rather dodge traffic.  Crazy as it sounds, Speaker Paul Ryan is actually taking the correct path & just letting things be, not changing his support & not attacking someone that remembers who are his enemies & who are his friends.

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