Republican Whip Steve Scalise shot by Bernie supporter


Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip, was shot today by a Leftist.  A 66 year old Bernie Sanders supporter who has been led by the Democrat Media Complex to commit violence by daily anti-Trump hysteria.

Several of us have been warning (reminding) of the Left’s violence for quite a while now.  Though you don’t have to be a freakishly accurate seer to have seen this coming.  But the reality of the Democrat Media Complex’ new world of resistance & utter hatred of a legitimate election win, carried off by the Right with its anger of the Left’s attempts to destroy traditional American values & patriotism bringing us all to victory in an ATTEMPT to restore America to its rightful place.

This is only the beginning.  Anyone on the Right from the Establishment GOP to Right leaning Libertarians to Center Right Republicans to the Conservative Right of Center; needs to be careful.  We’re all the Silent Majority.  Not putting a target on your forehead is important.  It’s not just about losing friends or not getting a job offered by a Democrat-run office that provides safe spaces to snowflakes.

The consequence of the Left’s insanity & psychotic behavior is that we on the Right must be careful how we express our love of country & pride of place.  Discretion is best until the Left is put back into their place.

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