marcwinger-com_0118171453Our commentary & insight is not related to the meaningless values of hope & change.  Nor the fantasies & ideals of others who, saturated in delusion have a false sense of fairness & truth contrary to actual reality; being part of their globalist & socialist agenda to alter the world into a lawless free-for-all where the government provides for all & regulates every aspect of its people.

We do not suffer fools & our vision is to delineate that which actually exists & point a finger at those that think they are able to speak & imply, that which does not exist – into existence, for their promotion of big governmental & a busybody’s ideals.  Which nanny-state ideals are not our ideals.  We prefer self-determination & individual responsibility.

Be warned; we are not sheep who follow those that appoint themselves leaders & prophets.  Nor do we believe the lies of the Democrat Media Complex which masquerades as objective journalism & independent thought.  We also prefer not to idolize big voices of any cut & hue, whether we agree with them or not.  Our writings reflect independence within solid, carefully maintained principles of conservatism.  Which principles are derived from the US Constitution & not Left Bank experiments or modern day Marxists.  That’s right, we are indeed American as is our perspective.  It’s important to be aware of what is within & without our borders.  To recognize friends & enemies.

Fairness is paramount.  Pragmatism a must, in order to support the promised agendas of those that don’t exactly share our principles.  Individualism is always supported in a world where Leftists wish to stifle the individual in order to rule him & implement nanny states, world government the whole array of bleakness supported by those that demand no one may do better than anyone else.  The sickening world Leftist fascist ideal a borderless world will fail, is failing & will be replaced with freedom. to disagree & oppose those that don’t share cultural ideologies or national goals.

A new world order is here & the wolfish rogue nations will be contained within their own stupidity.

God bless America, its allies, partners & friends.

Thank you for visiting.  You have my best regards,

Marc Winger, Columnist & Editor at marcwinger.com