Democrat Media Complex calls anyone interested in Seth Rich murder, deranged


The Democrat Media has signaled the US Democratic Party & their adherents to not only question the use of facts used against them but to step up accusations of derangement against the Right in the matter of the need for an investigation into the murder of Seth Rich in 2016.

Since there is now a substantial segment on the Right that is not letting up with daily doses of reminders about the Seth Rich murder, the Leftists’ media has now swiveled their cannons towards those [they verbalize all & point at conservatives, as if they know who, what & where they are] that aren’t letting up in mentions of the unfortunate DNC staffer, in every single venue & thread possible; calling them mentally ill & worse.  In order to stem the rising tide & giving their civilians an out when confronted by the murder & its implications, knowing full well that Kim Dotcom, who has more than one bone to pick with the Dems is itching to be let into the US to give evidence &/or testify on the matter that was originally only a pipe dream between an pie in the sky staffer & a savvy ex(?)-pirate uploader who definitely despises Obongo Obama & Corrupt Hillary- there is now an explanation to what the Seth Rich issue is all about:  nothing to see here, the conservatives are diseased, it’s derangement & you, precious liberal snowflakes, are to pay it no heed.

Unfortunately for them, it’ll be a sticker weed between their foot pads since there’s no way in hell they’ll allow Kim Dotcom into the country & since Special Counsel Mueller is a close friend of the Establishment’s political duality.

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