Exploration of conservative voices

As a Conservative, I have finished a project of exploration, that of immersion in conservative blogs for the past few months.  My conclusion?  There is no consensus & that while the Left is enamored, like Jim Jones devotees, in their destructive ideology against America; many on the Right is generally obsessed in clinging to old bigotries, bible thumping & other ridiculousness-es.  That’s okay.  Though these are a dying breed of dinosaurs, beaten down & excoriated, even by those that are seen to be exemplifications, as examples & role models.

I had jumped into the pool of conservative blogging, but had dived into the wrong end of the pool, gotten a bitter taste of the waters, thrashed around & finally came up for air.  Finishing my trial by fire.

My findings?  The Conservative Blogosphere contains no consensus, except for its rightful disposition towards Obama.  Is an interesting cross-section of America’s conservative, classical liberals; the center right & the bigoted, anti-Catholic, anti-gay, totally misogynist & anti-intellectual Far Right (I won’t go into what I think of the far Left crazies).  My judgment? I am proud to be a voice among conservatives, in their many varied hues.  All of them.  Each of whom, love their country & wish to preserve their freedoms.

What I learned?  Every kind of conservative is content in each of their niches.  Knowing without saying, that others in other conservative categories, despise them.

Am I staying?  Yes.  I will continue to interact with these jackasses & angels; because they’re my jackasses & angels.  Different from Libertarian-inaction-isolation activists & the hues & variables of the Lefties.

How is it that I can make these judgments, learn things?  Because I have checked & probed over three thousand headlines a day with the invaluable assistance of an excellent RSS client.  Really, the best way to browse the internet.  Yes, that is right. Over three thousand headlines from Conservative blogs & sites a day.  Not as difficult as it sounds; but exhausting, morally & optically.

I have been asked, “are bigotries killing us?”  No.  The Liberals have their own array of intolerance & I don’t think bigotry is inherently wrong or a weakness.  We all have our likes & dislikes.  These can be considered bigotries.  I keep my dislikes solely based on reality & in keeping with my ideology, rooted in pragmatism.

I look forward to more, from the Conservative voices!

Addendum:  an interesting note: Conservative gays & far right bigots both adore Sarah Palin.  Yes, they have something in common whether they know it or not!  Through all my meanderings, there are connective tissues, binding each to become the whole. Conservatives are mostly confident & proud to be themselves.

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