Fearmongering achieves nothing between the Eastern World & the US

Amidst paranoid views noting that China & Russia are going to hold war games or that Russia is testing ICBM’s, which the US does on a yearly basis; those of us who aren’t paranoid are reminded that China is also to participate in this year’s Rim of the Pacific exercises in Hawaii.

It’s a demonstration of American power.

Other countries, no matter how jealous or ambitious they are, eat it up.  An opportunity to participate in war games with the US is always a giant spectacle of American dominance & firepower.  I’ve seen summaries of the action & clips of the games; which are awesome to behold & it’s important to note that it would take China another 15 years to get were we are right now & by then we will have moved on.

I’m having a problem right now, in my regard for some conservatives; O’Reilly & others, who are using the fear card, which accomplishes nothing.  Whipping up fear in the US over absolute trivia is ridiculous. It is also done against blacks & I do not like that.  Even though memes highlighting “black crime against whites” are meant to counter to Liberal BS, it’s taken too far.

I’ve been exploring black conservative blogs of late & they don’t like this stereotypical finger-pointing.  With some black complaining about sites like WND, which is hysterical & one notch above people that wear tin foil hats hoping that alien motherships can’t read their thoughts.  A few others, like Horowitz’ Frontpage Mag, which isn’t quite as bad,  do tend to stoke up these fear tactics against Liberals at the expense of blacks, stirring up nonsense about threatening stances from China & Russia.  It’s incorrect & it’s wrong.

While I am not a defender of Obama, by any means; he can’t put us in a position of vulnerability.  No president can.  The military industrial complex, in general, & the Pentagon each have agendas & power of their own.  They’re on the ball.  A president can barely keep them in check; & that’s a fact.  Obama may be rightly considered to be weak, with a pathetic foreign policy, won’t use American power to dissuade Russia in its territorial acquisitions, among other things; but an illogical foreign policy & an incompetent  president is nothing, compared to the indisputable fact that America is the sole remaining superpower.  A nation which has even grown in strength since gaining that title, after the fall of the Soviet Union.

I clearly remember when Dick Cheney, began consolidating & closing so many redundant military bases in the US.  People were promoting the same “America is being made weak” agitation then.  He smartly effected changes & set the country on the path of becoming the compact & effective power that it is today.

There’s always a reality behind these sky is falling tactics that the GOP & the DNC both use.  It is wrong & doesn’t gain an advantage for either party.  Let’s remember, this is not the late 70’s!  When everything was a mess & it was actually valid for Mr. Reagan to point things out, become president & return the country to preeminence.

Let us also remember that China is rusty & over-rated.  Barely able to pull off an industrial revolution, after a history rife with isolation & ethnocentricity.  Russia has pulled itself out of desolation, after its empire collapsed, but it is a 2nd rate power, with nuclear capability.  A timid shadow of its former glories, which will never return.  Keep in mind that Blacks are not attacking whites, en masse; & it is wrong to point out one-off incidents, just to prove that the Democrats (Liberals) are wrong in their addiction to pulling the race card, over every single issue that pops up.

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