General realities of violence in South Africa: national decline at a glacial speed

Members of my cabal on Facebook noticed an old article detailing violence in South Africa.  Wondering why white South Africans don’t flee to Holland or elsewhere.  In my exposure to friends from that nation, general news & attention to details as well as general research I’ve noticed  Johannesburg that’s the big problem.  Basically, the white South Africans of Johannesburg generally don’t usually have the cash to emigrate.  They’re not of a certain class of people with the resources to allow such a drastic change of location.

Johannesburg is a murder capital the likes of which the West can’t imagine, but they don’t care to broadcast this commonly known fact to the rest of the world.  Cape Town is normal place with & relatively safe.  Most of the white enclaves & neighborhoods around the country are safe with ne’re do well blacks only clustering & threatening areas close to  poor ghettos & regions.

A substantial number of middle class of Afrikaners & White of English descent may indeed have already fled; but the rest don’t want to, can not or will not leave their rightful possessions, traditions & land.  We may hear about one-off’s, landowners & farmers being killed but it’s nothing compared to Johannesburg & the indigenous black tribal enclaves.  Their capital is an enormous city, but it hardly defines & describes the country as a whole.

As far as their demographic dynamics are concerned, I have my own brutal opinion on the situation & their ridiculous handover of everything to Communist Blacks, Mandela & his sort, etc.  But nobody is going to want to hear it in detail.  Let’s just say; it involves blacks & their continental inability to govern, their inability to understand corruption & the original foolishness of the Afrikaners & the ethnic English in their capitulation to Blacks, under pressure by the West.  When they could have come to a better arrangement. A participation in government of 50/50 would have sufficed to maintain a country that is sadly now turned to decline.  Slowly.

However; other than that slow decline, of a country that was originally run by two brutal colonial groups & then handed over to a bunch of thugs who couldn’t make good on their promises to the great unwashed – I would say the overall situation is not that bad.  It’s certainly not comparable to Zimbabwe’s nightmare or Nigeria’s chaos.

Of course, though my blithering about black South Africans is a valid generalization, there are exceptions among that demographic.  However; the ruling  ANC is seen widely as corrupt & ridiculous by whites & black remain unfulfilled.  ANC satellite, fanatic subset organizations are scandalous & often promote violence, but they’re largely kept under control so that the current status can be maintained.

It’s important to remember that every country has its issues & discontent with government to some degree.  South Africa would be a nice place to visit.

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