My unwanted advice to gay conservatives who shoot themselves in the foot: Don’t be stupid

I almost forgot to document this, since it’s almost a non-issue, but not quite.

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had spent roughly about six months commenting on a particular gay conservative site.  As I love to comment, spreading my estimable wisdom around, in as many conservative blogs & sites as possible; as long as they are comment-friendly & their comment system works adequately enough.  It’s a way of socializing on the net that’s agreeable, since I’m not necessarily capable of striking up friendships on Twitter & my Conservative Cabal on Facebook is a set in stone audience of like-minded people, who check in, point out things & generally exist in an agreeable stasis.

I like to get out & about, so to speak, on the internet & had stumbled upon a site that bills itself as conservative & gay.  Right wing, definitely.

However; since I’m not a child & have more than my share of years under my belt with experience & expertise amongst all sorts of people, I found myself interacting, on several topics with a group of gays, their associated gender-confused transsexual satellites & accompanying female attendants.  All went well at first, as I contributed my wealth of knowledge to a group of people who ranged from children who were birthed by their parents in the 90’s to those of my age group, who happened to have survived various plagues because of luck & inactivity.

This group of people seemed no different from any other conservative grouping.  Appropriately, fiscally responsible with a daub of commonsense to round things out.  However, as time went on; it became clear that this grouping of gays was dead set on a pretense of not being gay, in order to fall in line with the general & conservative platforms that make up right of center-right political groupings.  On issues of gay weddings, gay wedding cakes, straight wedding chapels refusing to accept the general public, in order to make a profit.

Yes, that’s right.  These conservative gays were forgetting that they are gay & falling into lock step with right wing Christian, social issue bigots; in their promotion of segmental conservative ideology, contrary to the well-being of conservatives who happen to be gay.

My take on matters of difference is that it takes all kinds to make the Conservative World turn around.  But it was a surprise to see one group supporting agendas which harm their own agendas.  Pretending to be something that they are not.  Unable to differentiate themselves from a wider agenda, that doesn’t include them in all matters.  Which is a problem with those who identify as Christian, in which every issue & tack is religion to the core.  Myopic & blind in essence.

Myself?  I keep personal matters personal & not-discussed.  I keep my personal view of the universe, which describes religion; private.  But when commenting among a group of not-that-sharp children & stodgy dinosaurs, that it might be a good idea to bake that cake for Liberal gays, even if it stings their own particular brand of bigoted self-righteousness; I was beset by violent protest, meant to oust me from their precious gaggle of geese.  Which was fine.  I discontinued my interest in their warbling, self-righteous blithering.

Even though it goes against a part of their identities some people will ultimately opt to not take a stand, in their cowardice, on issues that are complex containing several perspectives within the same ideology.  Yes, this particular set of conservative gays, who do not represent anyone but their subset, was shooting themselves in the foot.

A sad commentary on those who have always been boring & afraid.  Those who survived life by sheltering themselves away, clinging to the talking points of others & just plain ignorance.

Of course, I have since moved on but I have to say, this particular set of people are one of the strangest I have yet to encounter in my travels.  While self-denial is not rare in any human tribal atmosphere, a group that pretends to be Conservative, while only being a mentally ill forum for people that don’t understand their own orientation; is a indeed a rare sighting of birds.

No, I don’t wish them luck.  They represent the bottom rung on any ideological ladder.  Populated by fictional characters, pretending to be something else, in order to be accepted.  While others thrive in brave defense of their positions.

These people aren’t gay patriots.  They are only:  afraid gays.  Bible thumping their way through life, hoping to make friends.

I prefer to remain simply, a patriot.  It’s best.

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