Nelson Mandela: Marxist & friend to America’s enemies is dead

mandela_communist_dead_marcwinger-com_1028131914Nelson Mandela, Marxist & friend to America’s enemies – has died.  Mandela died in South Africa.  The founder of a horrible, replacement regime of the former, equally repellent Apartheid system & the country’s first black president, has finally died after years of one crisis-filled, overly-hyped health incident, after another.

Like the emergency drills that other countries periodically schedule & effect; South Africa has been wallowing,  periodically, in the prospect of his death for years.  Every time he’s hospitalized, there’s been a death watch & speculation, with tears in tow, about what they’re going to do when he goes.  Well they finally have their true wish & he’s dead.  South Africa finally has it’s 9/11 event, an excuse to roll out the sob stories & memories of the old Communist.  Let the wallowing begin.

Whether or not the white South Africans made a mistake & gave up too much power; is another discussion & frankly, it’s water under the bridge.  What remains as a legacy?  A regime as corrupt & fetid as the old regime was cruel & full of inequity.  A direct result of Mandela’s socialist ideology & Africa’s latest black ruling class.  A type of social experiment that we’ve seen fail over & over again.  Endless promises, by the promoters of these agendas are never kept & a new, shoddy elite always rise into place.  In this case, a unified culture of entitlement; festering for the inevitable & endless coups to come.

However; because he’s black, from the majority racial population, he’s celebrated.  Reverse racism, as insidious as the formerly accepted mores of the European Africans who had built a successful, functioning society; albeit separate from the other resident peoples.

So, when (some) American liberals fall over themselves in order to praise the great, recently dead.  I will not join in that hoopla.  Ask a liberal American if they know anything about the history of South Africa.  The most glib answers will only consist of the topics of Apartheid & Mandela’s fight for majority rule.  Neither of which paint the truth of the matter.  Which is; that the former & now late, president’s cronies crafted a corrupt nation, in which anti-white, black politicians fill their pockets & dance around those that managed to keep their treasures & life-styles & keep their country running in some semblance of normalcy.

Hardly a noble fight, nor an acceptable result.  Blind eyes still turn away from obvious truths & facts.  Decisions to accept a non-productive future of social welfare made long ago.  A retirement-home nation.

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