Notation of Irrational Thought: The Reality of Globalists’ Mindset

marcwinger-com_0915161437I have come to believe, after conversing with a few behind-the-scenes globalists, that they’re really not in touch with reality.  They live in an odd science fiction fantasy of a borderless, money-less world, where everyone is “taken care of”, there are no superpowers, there are no wars.  Warfare being their biggest fear & the reasoning behind their promotion of world government.

All of which takes nothing into account, of human nature.  Disagreements (which are microcosms of war) is something they think will just go away by magic; even though they disagree with others & others disagree with them on a daily basis, on a wide array of topics.  Their ultimate solutions are always based on a mantra of, “we agree to disagree”.  A magical spell that supposedly solves everything.  Their two biggest demons are nation states & war.  Argue with them & they’ll spell out the horrors of conflict that they’ve personally experienced, pointing out that Americans today have not experienced war on our soil, threatening their families & livelihood.

So, globalists go after the US because our policies are benign & our people are good-natured, for the most part.  They wait & persuade our ignorant Leftists, who idolize everything European, to sympathize & agree with them.  Hoping to transform them into cancers within, to bring down the Great Republic, because it is the only superpower & it grates on them that we even exist.  We are targeted.  It is our good-nature for which they aim.  Of course, they don’t see past their noses to speculate about a world without a strong America & pointing out the obvious, that China & Russia would enslave them in a hot minute seems to find no reception in their rationale.

America has its enemies & Globalists, Socialists & Communists (renamed Climate Change enthusiasts) are among our most dangerous opponents.  They’re anti-American, despite their protestations & they are irrational.  It is they who now need to be targeted, while they fret over increasing nationalism in Europe & the rejection of the EU experiment.  Globalists need to be detained.  Permanently.

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