Obamacare full repeal – stream of consciousness after failure to enact Obamacare lite

I’m livid.  The original idea, of those that supported Trump was the repeal of Obamacare.  The rewrite of history by some people, including Hannity to whom I usually agree, that the GOP has had 7 years to do this, is utter bunk.  They only promised Repeal, Repeal, Repeal.

Repeal of Obamacare needs to happen & Trump is more than capable of explaining to the American people that any ensuing problems before a subsequent Replacement, are owned by the Democratic Party, Obama, Pelosi & the now extinct Harry Reid.

Obamacare needs to go away.  Whoever & whatever can reinforce Medicare & Medicaid to take up the slack.  People that boob & cry about it, can just go straight to hell.  They’re not the ones that voted for Trump or for the GOP.  They’re not the ones who require satisfaction.  How difficult is this to understand?


Except I don’t remember one substantial mention, prior to Trump’s candidacy & subsequent presidency, of replacing Obamacare.  What’s with Speaker Paul Ryan not insisting on a full repeal before anything else?  The Tea Party Movement people first jumped on Trump’s train & comprise his absolute base, cheered his repeal & went ahead & cheered the addition of replacement.  The repeal hasn’t happened & Obamacare needs to go.  Otherwise, President Trump will serve one term & the next midterm will indeed be a bloodbath.  This is all so basic.  Any repeal mention was only by wobbly knees who didn’t understand that replacing a cancer with a cancer isn’t a solution.  Any problems?  Those would be the Democrats’ fault.  Mitch, Paul & The Donald can learn to open their mouths & communicate like any Junior High school blue ribbon winner.


The GOP never wanted Government Healthcare.  That is a lie & the hatred the Conservatives [big C] have had for Obama has been over this Socialist-lame-takeover of healthcare.  Yup, there was an actual reason why the idiot radical was despised.  Because of Obamacare.  Pretending that the GOP wanted some sort of replacement, just isn’t reality.

Liberals?  You were being thrown a bone by President Trump & the Republican Congress; but you complained about it anyway.  Guess what?  There will be a full repeal now because the storm has just started & Trump isn’t stupid.  Just; either slow on the uptake on this matter, or a strategy is in play.

Elections have consequences, Liberals.


Everything I’ve written is just the way it is.  Sorry, Liberals, if reality doesn’t fit your current narrative on the matter & as far as “So govern, Republicans…” is concerned, that’s also a lame, Leftist narrative.  By the disconnected, so desperate to find applicable catch phrases, nowadays.  People are governing & a legislative fail is what it is.  There’s always going to be a battle lost, in a war which is to be won.  In the long run, the tanking of the GOP’s healthcare replacement will be just fine.  Leftists, Progressive Commies & Socialists should have hoped that it had gone through.  Though it was never to happen.  Never meant to be.  My personal rage of the moment is for the purpose of putting the ship back on course, repealing Obamacare & sticking it to the Liberals who hate America.  The ever-whining poor can suck it up & figure it out on their own.  No more handouts.  The Conservatives were the engine that made Donald Trump president.


Anyway, the Conservative caucus in Congress would have voted no on the GOPer’s Obamacare lite. It was never a mystery.

One notes that, since this was never going to President Trump’ s desk, it was never meant to succeed.

Demonstration complete.  Obamacare mandate penalties muted previously by President Trump.  Up later; repeal of Obamacare, without replacement after this demonstration has shown, with the Democrats’ help, replacement not possible.  Repeal is the mandate to the GOP.

Sorry Libs. This will become clear in time for the truly dense among you.  You lose – again.

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