Reality: Don’t blame the gays for gay marriage decisions or wedding cake kerfuffles

There’s just one reality that I’d like to clear up right now.  Don’t blame the gays, liberal or conservative for this marriage-upheaval-damn-wedding-cake business.  Don’t even blame the liberal gay organizations because they’ve been around for decades & decades.

By themselves, he only thing they’ve achieved is the rightful, minor anti-discrimination things like equity in housing & rentals & considerations before law enforcement.  It’s the Democrats that have orchestrated the whole thing.  Every single bit of it & the Liberals (Democrats) have used gays to break with traditional values in an accelerated way to alter the country, instead of letting things evolve at a slower pace for everyone’s benefit.

The liberal gay organizations are a fraction of a fraction of a minority.  The liberal activist judges & the political Democrat hacks are behind all of this.  They’re doing this in the same way they’ve agitated the black segments of the population & other demographics.  In order to further the Democrat party social issue platform.  The gays & blacks are just pawns.

Of course, the Democrats have convinced the gays that it was they who fought & won these social issue battles.  Which is all untrue.

Also, while you’re at it save some blame for Republicans who saw this coming & who could have presented civil unions with the same rights & privileges as traditional marriage.

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