Sadly ignorant liar Socialist Bernie Sanders has it wrong about capitalism

Sanders is a socialist.  His idea of the “system”, when he rails about it, is Capitalism.  That’s what he means when complaining about the system & spewing nonsense about a Russian-style oligarch & plutocracy here in America.  It’s typical of his kind of extremist national view to despise corporations & business in general.  As far as an oligarchy?  We’re not there yet.  Far from it.

The business of America is business, otherwise known as free enterprise.  The idea is to expedite business while maintaining control of abuse.  Thus, we have anti-trust laws & US Law.  There are controls & audits on everything.  Almost too much control.  This isn’t Russia, Siam or Greece.  We have a tradition of rooting out corruption.  That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen; but when it’s caught – it’s punished if there’s a clear guilty party, instead of circumstantial flaws.

People have been complaining about all this since the founding of the country.  Things settle & equity is achieved.  It’s one of America’s accomplishments.  Something that some choose to ignore or are ignorant of the facts thereof.

The railroad barons were a problem over a century ago & there were many other things before & after.  We’re human, after all, & there will always be people ready to abuse, take advantage or steal.

It’s best not to take the hysteria of the few, whose agenda is anarchy, to point to false narratives as untrue descriptions of American society & culture.  Which the far left Democrats & the Occupy Wall Street Chicken-Little’s do in abundance.  After all, it’s their reason for existence.  But… what kind of people choose lies as a basis of their ideology & actions?  Pond scum, pure & simple.

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