Stream of thought: California wants to break away from America because they don’t like the new order

marcwinger-com_1115160300Liberal activists in California are pushing a ballot item that supports secession from the United States.

Leftists love their futile dreams.  Not sure whether they understand that if it were to go to ballot & it won, that it would morally undermine any further “majority” wins in a general election for decades to come.  Not sure that they understand that living in an economic quagmire, no matter how large their economy, isn’t a good formula for sovereignty.  Not to mention the taxation that would have to double in order to be a functioning nation-state with expenditures for self-defense, border security & little things like that.  There would be tariffs at the border & incoming trade headed towards America would have to be diverted to Texas or the East Coast; thereby, cutting off billions in revenue, a severe dent at the port of Los Angeles.  But, you know, they pulled out their blue Obongo decorations & catchy catch catchphrases to promote it all, along with their “rational” arguments & figures representing federal expenditures in their state, keeping them at the ready.  Sure, it’ll work!  They never have rolling blackouts & the need for water to be piped in to support their southern population.  But everyone loves Disneyland & that’s what will pay for everything.  Oh, wait!  They can trade with Mexico!  Their business will be free to outsource their manufacturing down there!  One minute these people find the US Constitution & the reality of history – a hindrance. The next they embrace it & finally they end up saying it doesn’t matter anymore – again.  They want a borderless world, now they want a border with the rest of the country to protect themselves from a Federal Government that they, themselves, have promoted to be an overwhelming abomination.  California Dreamin’.  Didn’t Cass Elliot choke on a ham sandwich & die?

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