Stream of thought: My policy on schizophrenics & other assorted nutballs

marcwinger-com_1115160300If you have any anxiety, about anything whatsoever, you can be diagnosed as being bipolar. 

The physicians will then prescribe you meds of which you will never, ever be able to ween yourself, because they are all known to accentuate anxiety in normal people & deaden aggression in schizophrenics.  If you feel nervous about something or have a grudge about anything, you can legitimately have someone diagnose you as being bipolar.  They don’t give you nice Valiums or other one-off tranquilizers.  They give you things that forever alter your neuro pathways in the brain.  If you discontinue them, days later you are guaranteed to have a blackout that lasts days during which you will do crazy things, travel distances, fight or love people that you’ll never remember.  I’ve seen this happen several times.  I’ve had it verified verbally to me many times.  I keep my mouth shut when talking about these things with people, because bipolars are reactive.  I have met verified schizophrenic people.  Real life nutballs, the kind of people that are prescribed things like Thorazine & who are obviously nuts, without posing as insane.  Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that the psychiatric community is a scam, sham & are all deluded in their presumption that they can understand emotions, the human brain or anything else in the noggin.  All they know is what works for some & not for others.  All ignoring the vast spectrum that we know exists for these identified disorders & personalities.  If you argue with the doctors, patients or crazies; you will regret it.  One way or the other.  I stay away from all of them & offer no sympathy.  When serious discussion of these things comes up in my presence I do make a show of being dismissive & take my leave.  Which is all the comment I make to these people on their self-important, self-destructive, clown car cycle of stupidity.  I will say, as above-mentioned, the psyche meds do actual damage to people but they don’t usually cause them to become psychotic or insane.  But, damaged or actually insane, none of them can be trusted around children or animals & one is taking a risk being around them.  They’re all time bombs.  Ready to explode.  Their meltdowns could be duds, could be a chainsaw incidents.  I don’t mess around with them & I take care to make sure my existence is erased from their reach.  As much as possible, anyway.

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